We take responsibility

Environmental protection, social responsibility and governance –ethical conduct and protecting the environment have become more than just a trend. Today, these factors are must-haves that are highly relevant to companies, communities, employees and company stakeholders. As a developer of modern commercial properties, we at VarioPark feel a particular responsibility when it comes contributing to green, sustainable development and have made ESG a natural part of everything we do.

Space for responsible construction

We know that economic growth can only be achieved when environmental, social and business interests are given equal importance. And these factors shape our actions. Consequent in everything we do but always staying true to what matters. For us, “true” sustainability means that we structure our VarioPark developments with the future in mind. Smart floor plans and flexible room concepts form the basis for changing and variable usage concepts for buildings and the space they hold.

Green Energy

  • Plans include the active use of solar power from renewable photovoltaics
  • Climate-neutral buildings, carbon-neutral operation thanks to VRV HVAC systems
  • Self-generated power via air-source heat pumps (heating & cooling)
  • Self-generated power for e-mobility
  • Increased photovoltaic efficiency with roof landscaping

Alternative Mobility

  • Plans include installing charging stations for electric cars
  • Access to public transportation close by
  • Central, covered bicycle parking
  • Plans include offering bicycle rental stations

Conserving Ressources

  • Sustainable rainwater management
  • Rainwater used to irrigate landscaped areas
  • Materials recycling through separation
  • Recycled materials used to protect valuable resources
  • Roof landscaping functions as natural air-conditioning (insulation/heat shield) and rainwater retention
  • Space can be used by tenants from a variety of sectors
  • Air barrier testing to ensure optimal room temperature and energy-efficient climate control

Efficient use of energy and materials

  • Modern building electronics for efficient lighting control
  • Energy-efficient indoor and outdoor LED lighting with daylight and occupancy sensors
  • Self-operating blinds, sun and wind sensors
  • Facade and roof insulation in compliance with the Energy Saving Ordinance (Energieeinsparverordnung, EnEv), as amended
  • Careful selection of building materials to avoid use of hazardous substances
  • Using low-emissions materials
  • Energy efficient heated floors
  • Soil and groundwater protection through use of certified ­basecourses

Tenant satisfaction

  • Attractive offices and common areas, fitout based on tenant needs
  • Sound proofing via roof landscaping, etc.
  • Air barrier testing to guarantee ideal room temperature
  • Using self-generated power
  • Universal access as needed
  • Corporate social responsibility measures are documented in our ESG policy

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