ESG bei Variopark

  • Sustainable, zero-emissions energy supply at our commercial buildings and our company headquarters
  • Requiring tenants to comply with our sustainability standards
  • Certifying our business parks in compliance with recognized DGNB standards
  • Cooperating with specialized companies for disposal and recycling in demolition projects
  • Extensive measures to promote biodiversity such as rainwater management, roof landscaping and evaporative cooling
  • Creating modern mobility concepts and certification as a bicycle-friendly employer
  • Preferred collaboration with regional partners
  • Relying on our employees as our company’s most valuable resource
  • Appreciation, respect and working together to achieve our corporate goals as the principles that guide our actions
  • Collaborative corporate culture with a high share of women
  • Flexible working hours and actively encouraging our employees to take advantage of training and continuing education offers
  • Voluntary contributions to retirement plans that exceed legal requirements
  • Regular quarterly reports for investors
  • Assessing properties for long-term sustainable use potential as early as during the acquisition process
  • Requiring company management and all of our employees to comply with legal standards and ethical conduct
  • Refusing to engage in illegal employment or undeclared work and requiring the same of our business partners
  • Compliance with data privacy laws


Space for more sustainability

We have set goals that we intend to pursue and realize going forward. These goals include

  • voluntarily contributing to sustainable development beyond the extent required by law
  • intentional integration of social and environmental topics into our daily activities, including our communication with business partners, local governments and tenants
  • making investments that are responsible and in line with our business policies
  • actively working towards the German government’s climate targets to reduce CO2 emissions within the scope of the Climate Action Plan 2050

We are already working persistently with our partners to develop innovative concepts for the future sustainability of our commercial properties. The focus of these efforts is selecting, installing and using resources and materials in a way that is as responsible and environmentally friendly as possible: from generating energy via self-operated photovoltaic systems and focusing on resource efficient operation to modern mobility concepts, smart building features and social sustainability.


Space for sustainable engagement

When it comes to VarioPark’s commercial real estate, we always want to do a little bit better and use all the modern property development options available to us. And we take the same approach when it comes to ESG and sustainability. We are already planning our next steps:

  • Extensive analysis of our carbon footprint, from our company fleet and use of paper and energy to the vehicles we drive ourselves
  • Developing a code of conduct for even more effective long-term partnerships
  • Minimizing water consumption and using water recycling
  • Installing smart meters for effective control of resource consumption
  • Preparing green leases to permanently reduce resource consumption
  • Encouraging employees to regularly take advantage of training and continuing education offers

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