We take responsibility

We know that economic growth can only be achieved when environmental, business and social interests are given equal importance. As a developer of modern commercial properties, we feel a particular responsibility when it comes contributing to green, sustainable development.

In cooperation with our partners, we focus on developing innovative concepts that enable us to select and use resources in a way that is responsible and environmentally friendly. These concepts make it possible for us to develop buildings that fulfill the highest sustainability standards and that highlight our commitment to forward-thinking sustainability.

  • Primarily independent building operation with self-generated green electricity (= carbon-neutral operation)
  • Innovative, attractive tenant electricity model in planning phase
  • Tenants access to electricity for e-mobility
  • VRV heating and cooling system using self-generated power
  • Energy-efficient indoor and outdoor LED lighting with daylight and occupancy sensors
  • Space can be used by tenants from a variety of sectors
  • Cradle-to-grave approach to waste management
  • Materials recycling through waste separation
  • All VarioPark modules feature pre-installed, wall-mounted charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Self-supplied electricity for e-mobility
  • Anti-theft and weather-resistant bicycle storage facilities
  • Electric cargo bike and e-car sharing planned
  • All VarioParks feature excellent access to public transportation
  • Public bicycle facilities in front of every VarioPark
  • DGNB Gold certification planned
  • Surface water drainage throughout site using swale system
  • Efficient facade and rooftop insulation
  • Active and passive use of solar power
  • Outdoor landscaping
  • Rainwater used to irrigate landscaped areas
  • Air barrier testing to ensure optimal room temperature and energy-efficient climate control
  • Careful selection of building materials, hazardous substances avoided
  • Soil and groundwater protected through use of certified basecourses
  • Sound proofing
  • Structural elements in place to provide universal access upon tenant request
  • Attractive offices and common areas, fitout based on tenant needs
  • Structural elements in place to provide universal access upon tenant request
  • Use of local/regional suppliers (e.g. energy, waste disposal) whenever possible
  • VarioWohnen (affiliated company): 16 subsidized apartments developed in Bensheim

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